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We provide a variety of services for home surveillance. Read on to learn more about home security cameras and the services we offer.


Why Do I Need a Security Camera?

Home security cameras allow you to check in on your property from wherever you are, as well as keep tabs on family (such as young children or the elderly), pets, and packages delivered to your doorstep. Cameras can provide surveillance both within and outside of your home and have a variety of benefits. They can be helpful in the event of a crime to identify perpetrators and even alert your neighborhood that prowlers are lurking in the area. They may also deter crime, as vandals are less likely to steal mail from your doorstep if they see a conspicuous camera tracking their every move. With a home security camera, you can check up on your property when you are not home, review a live feed of the video being recorded by the camera, and receive alerts if there is unusual activity. Tremendous Networks, we’re skilled in installing and setting up residential security cameras. We are knowledgeable in the proper resolution needed for our security cameras based on customer requirements. Please keep reading to learn more about the types of security cameras and services we provide for residential clients.

Services We Provide

HD Security Cameras for Home Surveillance

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on home security, a high-resolution camera is an excellent choice to capture high-quality video. High definition or HD technology is an upgraded version of an analog security camera. HD security cameras are helpful to keep track of the happenings of your home using high-resolution video. HD video is high quality and detailed. It can be used as video evidence in the event of a crime, such as a burglary, or if you must submit an insurance claim. HD technology represents an upgrade from an analog system and is a cost-effective choice, less expensive than an Internet Protocol or IP camera.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for Home Security Cameras

You may know of digital video recorders or DVRs on your television. DVR is analog and HD technology that can also be used with home surveillance systems to log video recording for later review. DVR records video on a computer hard drive and can be set up to record in the cloud.

IP Security Cameras for Residential Applications

Another type of camera is called an Internet Protocol or IP security camera. IP cameras are more expensive than HD cameras, but they also offer more advanced features. They operate via the internet, sending image data from the camera to remote storage. You can also use a network video recorder or NVR to review video data and analyze it to send alarm notifications.

4K Ultra-High Video Resolution Cameras

Both HD and IP cameras can be in 4K video resolution. 4K refers to an ultra-high display resolution of about 4,000 (4K) pixels. It can capture the best quality images -- every little detail. If you are looking for a home security camera that records high-quality, detailed images at nighttime or on a cloudy day, a 4K camera may be a good option. Furthermore, because 4K home security cameras capture a lot of data, they are ideal for “zooming in” on suspicious or unusual activity. Because 4K security cameras record very high-resolution video, they are helpful for homeowners who are looking for a cost-effective surveillance system with a relatively large coverage area.

Wireless Security Cameras for Your Home

If you’re looking for a home security camera but don’t like having many wires around, a wireless security camera may be for you. Wireless security cameras record data, then transmit it over the internet. A home wireless security camera is a good choice for budget-conscious homeowners or do-it-yourselfers because they are cheaper and easier to install than traditional wired cameras. Remember, though, that you need a reliable home internet connection to use a wireless security camera. Disruptions to internet service will translate to downtime for a home wireless camera. Ensure your home internet connection is reliable before opting for a wireless security camera or talk to Tremendous Networks for a workable backup solution for home surveillance.

Remote Access and Cloud Backup for Home Security

Homeowners appreciate the ability of security cameras to provide information on what’s happening at your home when you are on the go. Many home security cameras allow users remote access so that they can keep tabs on their property. We provide video storage setup locally, within a network, and in the cloud. If you need remote viewing capabilities for your home surveillance system, we can also set up live view video on the go.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) for Home Security Cameras

We discussed DVR earlier as a way to capture HD video camera footage. Another type of video recording often used with internet-based IP digital cameras is network video recorders or NVRs. NVR differs from DVR in that it does not physically record video. Instead, NVR stores audio and video from home security cameras elsewhere, such as a disk drive or cloud storage. NVR is needed when using certain types of digital security cameras, such as IP cameras. NVR can also be set up to record in the cloud.

Automation to Support Home Surveillance

Automation can help you secure your home when you’re traveling. Tremendous Networks provides automation solutions, including motion sensors and cross lines, so that you receive alerts when unusual events occur. In addition, we also offer license plate and face recognition services.


If you’re looking for greater peace of mind, a security camera can help. Not only do security cameras help provide a layer of protection against crime, but you can also check up on pets and family members while you’re away and track mail packages. Some security cameras can also directly alert law enforcement in the event of a crime or let your neighbors know if a prowler is lurking around the neighborhood. When considering the cost of burglaries and theft, a security camera is a good investment for one’s home.